Who We Are

RB Professional is a global leader in disinfection, cleaning, and air care products. Our well-known and respected brands are trusted in nearly 200 countries to build cleaner and happier workplaces. As an innovative, socially-responsible company, we develop the latest technologies to deliver sustainable solutions that greatly improve people’s lives.


Professional Solutions for Your Facility


Thorough disinfection helps protect staff and guests by helping to eliminate 99.9% of illness-causing viruses and bacteria on surfaces



Effective, easy-to-use cleaning solutions remove the toughest soils and stains across your facility


Air care solutions combat odors and create an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression


Partnership Opportunities

Our comprehensive Professional Resources for Enhanced Protection, or P.R.E.P., program establishes our partners as leaders in germ protection, then leverages this strength to increase employee and customer confidence and trust. We help support our partners with products, protocol development, training, and/or educational materials to empower them to enhance their cleaning and disinfection practices while demonstrating their commitment to their customers and employees.

Protocol Development

R&D scientists, microbiologists, and researchers work with our partners to create or improve disinfection protocols by identifying high touch surfaces likely to transmit germs, finding the best solutions, and providing documentation tailored to each partner’s unique needs. 


We know that protocols only work if the people implementing them are well-trained. We create customized training materials for partners, such as step-by-step guides and videos, to ensure protocols are easy to follow and products are used correctly for the best results. 


Our team works with each partner to recommend cleaning and disinfection products best suited for each space, surface, and need. With our trusted brands, partners help staff and visitors feel comfortable and confident in their space.


Our marketing team works with partners to let staff, visitors, and shareholders know that disinfection and protection are being taken seriously. We work to bring that message to life through facility collateral and signage, press, and more. 


Our Partners